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Logos From Vintage Minneapolis Menus

I love to look at old design. There is so much to learn from these wonderful designs and designers from years ago. Their artistry and craftmanship is wonderful.

I got sidetracked the other day and ventured into Hennepin County Library’s Digital Collection. There are treasures in every search — from old-time photography to design. When I came upon a collection of vintage menu’s I went for a dive.

The following are some of the best logos that I came up with and would love to share them with you. Down the road, I may try and “update” them to modern times. Not that they need it – but it might be a fun project to do.


Jax Cafe, Minneapolis
Murray’s, Minneapolis (1955)
Nankin Cafe, Minneapolis (1954)
Reiss’ Restaurant, St. Louis Park
Smokey’s On Campus, Minneapolis
The Lodge, Minneapolis (1970)
The Poodle, Minneapolis
Tiffin, Minneapolis (1952)

When Brands Lose Their Personality (Analyzing the Best Buy Logo Refresh)

There’s been a growing movement of big-name brands losing their personalities.

The latest large company to complete their logo “refresh” is Best Buy. Just this spring, they announced a logo redo that included taking their name, setting it upright and placing it outside their infamous “tag.”

While it is pleasant enough and unassuming – it leaves little impression on the viewer and has become static (at least I’m happy they kept the tag).

Losing a personality is typically a result of endless revisions and taking in everyone’s opinion.

But, then again, this could have been their aim.